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BLOG: Covid- What’s Really Going On?: Let’s Talk About It!

Hello Again,  Beloved Community, As you may all know we are still in the grips of a deadly pandemic, some may feel we are coming out of it, albeit we may be slowing down, but do not doubt that we are still at risk from this life-threatening virus, There are so many factors to Coronavirus to consider, like how many people walk around with the virus and not been tested nor take precautions by observing social distancing or wearing a mask.

We must not gear up for battle yet again, as the virus continues to mutate. We now have the Delta variant and cases are on the uptick once again in Michigan, among 42 other states, all of which decided to only report numbers on Tuesdays and Fridays, with today’s reported cases at 672 over three days, bringing up the daily average from 110 to 159, and total cases up to 910,500 with 19,951 deaths,  despite Michigan having a fairly high vaccination rate. Sadly CNN medical analyst, Dr. Jonathan Reiner states, “ we will be seeing a surprising amount of death in the areas with upticks occurring”. This means us people!

Michigan already has 94 confirmed cases of the Delta variant and the vaccination incentive lottery is falling flat, with no uptick in walk-ins says a Macomb County health department official, and with another variant looming on the heels of this one there may be even more of a rise in cases and sadly, deaths and with data showing that the vaccine, although still protecting, wanes over time and that a booster may be needed to protect against the new variant. So what can we do as a community to protect ourselves and our loved ones,  use proper PPE when venturing out; wash our hands; and social distance, most importantly care about each other as it was our self and until next time Stay, Safe  Beloveds  Contact us at, our FaceBook page; Twitter, or Instagram.  THE PEOPLE’S WATER BOARD COALITION TURN THE WATER ON, KEEP THE WATER ON! WE NEED WATER AFFORDABILITYwith your thoughts and ideas, and subscribe to this blog. Until next time, keep your head above water!  

Nicole Hill is a Detroit resident, a member of the People’s Water Board and Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, and a Tri-chair for the Poor People’s Campaign.  She is a mother of 7 and is devoted to combating poverty on all levels through her work in water affordability and social change.


The People’s Water Board Coalition advocates for the human rights to water and sanitation and equitable access and affordability for impacted communities.


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