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Clean drinking water is a human right, and people should not have to worry about whether their water is safe to drink.

But U.S. pipes are getting old — some are as old as Ford’s first Model T car. And too many are still made of lead. These aging pipes are putting the health of entire communities in danger – especially children’s health.

And to make matters worse, private water corporations like Veolia and Suez are taking advantage of this crisis to push for the privatization of water systems across the U.S.

This is especially a problem for low-income communities and communities of color, including Flint, Michigan. The government must protect people from this environmental injustice and ensure safe, affordable drinking water.

The WATER Act — Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability — (H.R. 5313) will provide dedicated funding by closing corporate tax loopholes to keep our water and sewer systems up to date and protect our drinking water for generations to come.

Tell your representative to support the WATER Act and fix our aging water systems!

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This Time by Shea Howell


Thinking for ourselves
Shea Howell

This Time
June 17, 2016

shea25Orlando has joined the list of places linked to mass killing. It surpassed the killings at Virginia Tech in 2007, when 32 people were killed and 17 were injured. Now Sandy Hook is in third place. There have been 998 mass shootings, since the death of 27 people in that elementary school.

In Orlando gay men were targeted for death, this time by a deeply troubled young man.

This time it was not African Americans gathered to pray, targeted by a deeply troubled young man. But it has been.

This time it was not college students, walking across campus, assaulted from a tower. But it has been.

This time it was not an African American father standing in a doorway, killed in a rain of police bullets. But it has been.

This time it was not a 6 year old African American girl asleep on her couch, killed in a rain of police bullets. But it has been. Continue reading This Time by Shea Howell

Children’s March to Stop Water Shut Offs: Sat June 18th Wayne State University Student Center 5PM

childrens march

Urgent Call to Action: Children’s March to Stop Water Shut Offs Sat June 18th Wayne State University Student Center 5PM

We need you to reach out  to mobilize families with children in your circles, youth leaders, children and youth activities to compel them to represent a moral voice to stop water shut offs for the most vulnerable people in Detroit. Three quarters of the children in Detroit are living below 150% of the federal poverty level ($35,775 for a family of four). Exposing children to an opportunity to care about other children is a way to nurture their humanity by caring for other children in need. Please make the sacrifice of time to personally compel  people to join in and wage love.

The Allied Media Conference has agreed to support our cause by spreading the word nationwide about Mayor Duggan’s refusal to accept the warnings that massive water shut offs are a threat to public health and  an assault, punishing vulnerable people who cannot afford the current payment rates and policies. There is not a reasonable process in place for evaluating shut offs for vulnerable populations such as elderly, pregnant women, persons with serious medical conditions or chronic health challenges, young children in the home, landlord tenant discrepancies. This is unreasonable and unacceptable. Like Flint we have been persistent as advocates, now we have decided to lift up the children’s voices to call out to the Mayor in front of the nation.

Do what you can to get a save date out especially if you can get church youth groups, boy and girl scouts, school groups etc. Post on your Facebook page, email blast, blog etc.

We have youth voice but need all hands and feet, lots of children and lots of adult support.

We can do this!

Click here to view a Facebook event for the march. Continue reading Children’s March to Stop Water Shut Offs: Sat June 18th Wayne State University Student Center 5PM