“Did Detroit Mayor’s Office Suppress Damaging Water Shutoffs Study?”

water station at St Peters“All we know is that we were told by representatives of Henry Ford Health Systems and the Global Health Initiative that they could not speak to the issues because it would jeopardize some of their negotiations for contracts with the city of Detroit,” Lewis-Patrick said. “They were not allowing anyone to speak to these issues because of fear of reprisal from the mayor of Detroit. So it goes back to the mayor.”

Lewis-Patrick noted the positive impact of some of Henry Ford’s city contracts, like their health centers in Detroit schools, but said they must not come at the expense of informing Detroiters about the dangers of the city’s shutoff policy.

“The health and welfare of Detroiters should be the first concern and priority of both the mayor and Henry Ford Health Systems,” Lewis-Patrick said.

More at: http://greatlakesbeacon.org/2017/07/11/did-detroit-mayors-office-suppress-damaging-water-shutoffs-study/

2nd International Gathering of Social Movements on Water – June 8-11 – Detroit

What is the 2nd International Gathering of Social Movements on Water?

It is a gathering of water warriors, i.e., people directly impacted by water and sanitation problems such as cleanliness, safety, accessibility and affordability. Plus allies and advocates from across the U.S. and internationally who work on these human rights issues, especially in low income communities.

Where:  Detroit, Michigan – various downtown locations

Lodging:  Hotel St. Regis, 3071 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202

Hotel St. Regis Detroit

Hotel discount rate code: People’s Water Board Coalition

Registration: Online registration is required for all participants during this four-day event.

Who: Organizations, groups and individuals who work on the water and sanitation problems in U.S. communities, First Nations and in other nations.


  • To report and analyze on government and corporate human rights violations of water and sanitation, and to develop community-based strategies and documentation about these crises.
  • To understand the history behind water privatization efforts and why people are being denied clean water and accessible sanitation. Michigan is ground zero for the draconian practice of mass water shutoffs, mass water poisonings and undemocratic emergency managers.
  • To report and develop the legal challenges and legislative policies at the local, state and federal level with movement organizations.
  • To examine the roles and actions of social service providers and health care providers in alleviating or contributing to the problems of low income people living without or inadequate safe, accessible, affordable water and sanitation.
  • To address water as an international right connected to indigenous rights, land rights, community rights, the commons and publicly owned water systems.


  • Social Movement Gathering: Maureen Taylor (State Chair, MWRO) chuteh7@hotmail.com;
  • Legal-Legislative Summit: Alice Jennings (Attorney, Edwards and Jennings, PC; attorney with Lyda pro bono Legal-Legislative Committee and NCLAWater) ajennings@edwardsjennings.com;
  • SWAA Human Rights Rumble: Mary Bricker-Jenkins (Coordinator, Social Welfare Action Alliance) mbricker@temple.edu

Sponsors: Michigan Welfare Rights Organization; Lyda pro bono Legal-Legislative Committee;  and National Coalition for Legislation on Affordable Water; Peoples Water Board Coalition; Social Welfare Action Alliance. (More to be announced.)