New list of resources on water affordability, health metrics and public health, human rights, lead levels and infrastructure, and legal issues

In the 21st century, water insecurity and inadequate sanitation are more commonplace in the U.S. than we would have ever imagined. Water activists, impacted residents, scholars and legal advocates in Michigan have been working for more than two decades to bring attention and solutions to local, state, national and global struggles to ensure that all […]

Covid and Water

Covid and Water…. Let’s Talk About It! Hello Beloved community,  Nicole here with another update to keep you abreast of the state of affairs in our community, with our people.  For some reason, the state has stopped posting Covid positive cases for Sundays and instead combining them with Mondays in their report. So for Saturday, […]

Help Us Stop Nestle From Getting A New Permit in MI!

Please allow the People’s Water Board to send a postcard in your name, there is a good chance Gov. Whitmer’s administration will not renew Gov. Snyder’s permit to allow Nestle to take Michigan’s water for its own profit. The People’s Water Board plans to mail at least 500 postcards to EGLE Director Liesl Clark, asking […]

Imagine A Day Without Water

Will you accept the challenge to live a Day without Water? The People’s Water Board is challenging Detroit City Council members Brenda Jones, Mary Sheffield, Janee Ayers, James Tate, Roy McCallster Jr., Scott Benson, Andre Spivey, Raquel-Castaneda-Lopez, Gabe Leland to live a day without water on October 21, 2020 The challenge: No showers or baths. Do not […]

Action Alert! MI Says No To Nestle!

Please take a moment today and email this letter to EGLE Director Clark here ( and demand he say no to Nestle! Then share this letter with your networks and ask them to flood his email. Michigan says NO to Nestle! Dear Director Clark, I strongly urge you to withdraw the permit granted by the […]

Demand A Moratorium On Shutoffs!

We are in the final push to get a nationwide moratorium passed and we have a real shot at protecting people’s basic services during this crisis. Sen. Schumer has a video endorsing a national moratorium here, and Rep. Tlaib has shared it here. Senator Merkley’s bills to prohibit power and water shutoffs (S.4362, which is the Senate […]

Sermon “By Water and the Spirit: A Global Water Summit”

Sermon “By Water and the Spirit: A Global Water Summit”  By Bill Wylie-Kellermann Isaiah 55:1-3 55 Ho, everyone who thirsts,    come to the waters;and you that have no money,    come, buy and eat!Come, buy wine and milk    without money and without price.2 Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread,    and your labor for that which does […]


LIVING DURING COVID-19 AND PREPARING FOR THE POST-COVID FUTURE For most of us living in the midst of Coronavirus, its effects have touched us in some way, either directly or indirectly. I have personally been touched by this through having lost a close friend to this treacherous virus, and having another close friend and coworker […]

Why Are There People In Detroit Without Water?

People’s Water Board Coalition Blog June 10, 2020, Why Are There People in Detroit Without Water? Want the Truth, Let’s Talk About It with Nicole Hill! Thousands of Detroit residents Fight Covid-19 Without Running Water Why does Michigan, and particularly the Detroit area, remain a Covid-19 hotspot many ask. There is much public opinion as […]

Legal Pathways to Income-Based Drinking Water Rates in Michigan

“As the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that water shut-offs are a threat to public health, a new report by the National Wildlife Federation and the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center debunks the theory that Michigan law forbids water utilities from offering flexible payment structures, which would prevent the most vulnerable residents from losing […]