Stop Detroit shutoffs, protect public health

Correction: In April 2018, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department notified nearly 17,000 customers that they would be shutoff for being at least $150 and/or 60 days or more late in their billing payment.

Open The Water Pods In Flint and Turn The Taps On In Detroit

Gov Snyder Poisons Flint Kids

Today, April 25th is the four year anniversary of the Flint water contamination crisis. Since 2014 thousands of Flint residents continue to wait for lead service line replacement and safe, clean water. Many of them are still paying outrageous prices for water that they can’t safely use and, like Detroiters, are threatened with shutoffs. In […]

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Great Lakes Groups Band Together In A Crisis

This is a very thoughtful summary of the Water Is Life conference in Flint last weekend by Emma Lui, Water campaigner for the Council of Canadians. Great Lakes groups band together to challenge Nestlé and water crises in Flint and beyond. “Lila Cabbil from the Detroit People’s Water Board, who many affectionately call Mama Lila, […]