The Coronavirus and Inequality Meet in Detroit via @the New Yorker

Water Is Life

When the first┬áCOVID-19 cases appeared in Detroit, there was a broad but nonspecific panic, and emergency departments across southeastern Michigan were flooded with coughing people who were more worried than ill. In the past week, that flood has abated; the patients who are coming in now are sicker, and often in immediate need of oxygen. […]

Help us show support for a national moratorium on water and utility shutoffs!!

Thanks to public pressure from people across the country, the US House has proposed legislation calling for a national moratorium on essential utilities, including water and sanitation, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sections 199991 and 199992 of the proposed House bill, released on March 23rd, require states and utilities to “adopt or maintain in force policies […]

Water Donations Needed!

On behalf of We the People of Detroit, please donate cases of water which are urgently needed for those who do not have access. Cases of water can be dropped off at St. Peters Episcopal Church (1950 Trumbull) on March 20th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. Monetary donations to help secure additional water resources […]

Watch our Tele-Press Conference on the Status of Water Access in Detroit

Please watch this video as we call for urgent action on the restoration of water and sanitation service in Detroit. The state and city response to restore water service in Detroit and across Michigan amidst the COVID-19 crisis has been inadequate. This crisis could have been prevented altogether if government officials had taken seriously and […]

December Days of Action!

Across Metro Detroit, thousands of residents continue to live without access to affordable, clean water and some will even face water shutoffs over the holidays. This also means families with steam radiators are not able to heat their homes. In this season of giving and celebration, please participate in these efforts to secure a moratorium on water shutoffs […]