Imagine A Day Without Water

Will you accept the challenge to live a Day without Water?

The People’s Water Board is challenging Detroit City Council members Brenda Jones, Mary Sheffield, Janee Ayers, James Tate, Roy McCallster Jr., Scott Benson, Andre Spivey, Raquel-Castaneda-Lopez, Gabe Leland to live a day without water on October 21, 2020

The challenge: No showers or baths. Do not use tap water to brush your teeth, drink water, make coffee or tea, cook meals, or wash your hands. Either purchase gallons of water or fill buckets of water to use for the day from your neighbor or friend. Imagine not being able to flush your toilet because your water service is turned off, nor wash your clothes, bathe your children or newborn…and worry that your children could be taken away.

Water is essential to life. Take a Stand for a low-income affordability plan.
Will you take the challenge to not use residential tap water on October 21, 2020? If you accept, register as a participant group, along with other cities, at Imagine a Day Without Water. We’ll be looking for your public demonstration of concern for the struggles of low-income Detroit residents. 
Post your acceptance of this challenge on Twitter with the hashtag #ValueWater and People’s Water Board will support your effort widely on social media!  


The People’s Water Board Coalition advocates for the human rights to water and sanitation and equitable access and affordability for impacted communities.


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