Demand A Moratorium On Shutoffs!

We are in the final push to get a nationwide moratorium passed and we have a real shot at protecting people’s basic services during this crisis. Sen. Schumer has a video endorsing a national moratorium here, and Rep. Tlaib has shared it here.

Senator Merkley’s bills to prohibit power and water shutoffs (S.4362, which is the Senate version Reps. Tlaib and Dingell’s Emergency Water Is a Human Right Act) and prohibit broadband shutoffs (S. 3695) have legs in Congress right now, but we need your help to get across the finish line. 

Michigan Reps. Tlaib and Dingell led the charge to get a national shutoff moratorium passed through the House, but your Senators, Sens. Stabenow and Peters, have not yet cosponsored Sen. Merkley’s bill. 

Will you email the Senators to ask them to cosponsor Sen. Merkley’s legislation to stop utility shutoffs? We have a sample letter here

You should email Emily Carwell, Legislative Director for Sen. Stabenow, at; and Zephranie Buetow, Legislative Director for Sen. Peters, at

Please share with other MI organizations! We can win this!


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