Open The Water Pods In Flint and Turn The Taps On In Detroit

Gov Snyder Poisons Flint Kids

Today, April 25th is the four year anniversary of the Flint water contamination crisis. Since 2014 thousands of Flint residents continue to wait for lead service line replacement and safe, clean water. Many of them are still paying outrageous prices for water that they can’t safely use and, like Detroiters, are threatened with shutoffs.

Gov Snyder Poisons Flint Kids
(Cartoon sketch) Governor tells child as he dispense green liquid into child’s cup, “You Flint kids are so spoiled! Drink up! It’s refreshing and economical!”

In the midst of this, Governor Rick Snyder closed Flint’s last two public water pods — free water stations where residents could get bottled water to drink, cook with and bathe. This decision puts Flint residents in greater health danger.

Meanwhile, the City of Detroit announced massive water shutoffs slated for over 17,000 homes — all while the city is in the middle of a Hepatitis A epidemic. The city is shutting off water at the same time that the Center for Disease Control advises thorough hand-washing to prevent the spread of Hep A and other water-related diseases. This public health crisis has led to national travel warnings for Michigan.

Call Governor Snyder today at (517) 373-3400 and demand that he re-open the Flint water pods. Tell him to implement a statewide moratorium on water shutoffs to address the public health crises caused by unaffordable water and lack of sanitation. Our health depends on it!


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