Call Mayor Duggan! Turn The Water On!

For Immediate Release
January 11, 2018

Valerie Jean Blakely 313-704-5150
Lila Cabbil 313-717-0813

Calls to Mayor Duggan: Turn the Water Back On!
Extreme weather puts thousands without water at severe risk in Detroit!

The People’s Water Board and other activists are mounting a phone-in campaign to demand that Mayor Duggan protect Detroit families, by restoring service to people living in a home where water has been shut off. The campaign is for Detroiters and others to phone Duggan’s office, (313) 224-3400, within a one-week period beginning January 12, 2018 and to post on social media using the hashtag: #TurnTheWaterOn. While access to water is always essential to sustain life and health, the moral and physical imperative is even greater with extreme low temperatures that we’ve had and will have again this weekend.
Water activists are asking for people to call and demand that Mayor Duggan return service to those families that have been shut off, to maintain heat and hygiene. The Mayor needs to know that Detroiters and others recognize that human access to water is a moral and health imperative.

Who: The People’s Water Board and other water activists

What: Call in campaign to Mayor Duggan’s office (313) 224-3400 to demand he turn the water on to all households that have been shut off

When: From January 12, 2018 to January 19, 2018

Where: Detroit

Why: In these frigid temps, the city has a moral obligation to protect the health and lives of Detroiters. The heating system for many old houses in Detroit depend on water for steam heat.

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