From “ME” to “WE”: A Youth and Young Adult Convening for Connections in Social Justice Solidarity!

From “ME” to “WE”:
A Youth and Young Adult Convening for Connections in Social Justice Solidarity!

As we experience assaults from the leadership of “45”, we are compelled to stand in Solidarity to build the power of people who are marginalized. By connecting our issues across organizations working for social justice, we want to recognize the assets of the activists of each generation to energize and increase participation in resisting the inhumanity imposed by white supremacy.

What: A special space for convening young people to share their perspectives on how the issues of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign is impacting their lives here and now. The
dialogue will be focused on the pillars of the New Poor People’s Campaign led by Dr. William Barber and Rev Dr Liz Theoharris.

When: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 12:00 – 4:00 Lunch at 12:00

Where: Cass Commons 4605 Cass Ave at Forest Detroit, MI 48201

Who: Teens (13- 17) Millennials (18-34) – in Dialog
Generation X and Baby Boomers – in Listening Circle

Why: We need to hear the voices of young people in order to mobilize their interests and talents as leaders in our mutual quest for liberation and social justice. All organizations working for social justice, elders and others are invited to participate in the
Listening Circle while young people share their concerns and the impact on their lives of these “evils”: Systemic Racism, Poverty, the War Economy, Ecological Devastation, and the Nation’s
Distorted Morality.

“We are assembled here together today with common problems. Bringing together ethnic groups that maybe have not been together in this type of meeting in the past. I know I haven’t been in a meeting like this. And it has been one of my dreams that we would come together and realize our common problems. Power for poor people will really mean having the ability, the togetherness, the assertiveness, and the aggressiveness to make the power structure of this nation say yes when they may be desirous to say no.”
—Been To The Mountaintop documentary

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